The history of Unimarin Denizcilik San. ve Tic. Ltd Þti, which is a family company goes back to the “Kayýkçýlar ve Mavnacýlar Loncasý” (Guild of Bargemen and Boatmen) which showed activity in Inebolu during Ottoman era.


The family members, like most families in Inebolu were engaged with marine business through small boats.


They have moved to Istanbul after the Turkish Independence War consequential to the relations established with the people resident in Istanbul which they held during the war.


In Istanbul, after owning a wooden barge which shall be called as “big one” in due time, the family’s marine life had become more evident.


The family members are continuing their activities from Ottoman era until now, through the companies they established in different branches of marine sector.


Unimarin Denizcilik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Þti., is continuing her Marine Management and Bosphorus Agency activities with the modern concept of the present day and the professional employees who use the latest technology in their fields.

Inebolu Guild of Bargemen was donated with a Medal of Independence by Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) on Feb. 11th, 1924, due to the eminent services provided during the Turkish Independence War by dispatching the people and ammunition coming from Istanbul to Ankara..